5 comments on “software I love

  1. hello Chris, i wouldn’t call you a cheap bastard. i think of it as being open to the alternatives to all that software out there that we “need”. the price of some of that stuff is absolutely outrageous, it’s a crime. so using open source programs is also a way of saying to the makers of these “necessary” programs that we’re not going to be taken advantage of. they’re are always viable alternatives to almost everything. and they’re just as high quality as the programs that are so expensive the stores have to lock them up. and let’s face it, free is a good deal!

  2. glad to here from you Xerxesine,

    I like to promote the open-source programs that I love… so others can find them… and as a small payback to designers who allow me to use their free tools.

    With that said, I still really am a cheap bastard.

  3. I disagree. It’s not the freeness of open source free ware that entices. It’s the spirit of generosity of those who share it that does.

  4. Thanks for comment timethief.
    Opensource, its developers and users, make the Web a powerful medium of creativity and usefulness.

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