5 comments on “Charles Darwin Birthday poem

  1. the origional “Chuck D”— Charles Darwin was born Febuary 12 1809.

    He would in Fact be 200 years old.

    Sadly, this is the best poem I could come up with.

  2. Ha! I thought this was great! =)
    The lines: “I would be so damn shocked, I would smother me in butter” –
    cracked me up.. =)

    So glad to see this new blog exists.
    How are you doing, Chris? It’s been a while…


  3. Hey SMJ,

    I wanted a to have a hodgepodge poetry blog that was trippy and moody.

    I kept forgetting to return the E-mail verification to delete “cafedog..” so I just rebuilt it as a poetry blog.

    The selfhosted Blog is mostly a photography of my hometown…All of the poems that are still there at that site… are also here at “Cafedog’s Canteen”

    I’m glad you liked my hugger,lover, smother, butter rhyme scheme!

    I’m doing well.
    Glad to see you are posting poetry again!

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