3 comments on “Love, Dinner and Backgammon

  1. nice.. shouldn’t it be chess?

    was thinking today a lot about this chess – kind and queen rolls in the game and in life.. was not getting clear.. and i am not sure still after reading your work, but nice

  2. “Backgammon” just sounded sillier… To Bad I cant remember how to play.

    The only thing that is clear to me is:

    The “queens” actually rule the “game boards”…

    partly by allowing the “Kings” think they do.

  3. yes the queen is the strongest on the board but one can win without. more then that any pown can become a queen but even the queen cannot become a king. the king can also have 9 queens around him.
    in life too, in a way. princess were moved to other lands in order to make a peace or to astablish unity between 2 kingdoms.
    true though, that by the bedroom the queen had some power, nobodey knows the extent of a queen on her king in the back rooms.
    interesting subject any how….

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