2 comments on “Cosmic Saxophone

  1. Oh Chris your graphics are truly wonderful, I must confess I rejoice in scruffiness which is just as well since my blog is scruffy compared to yours but I love and admire other peoples tidiness and art work.take care. Suz

  2. I find a freedom in posting, poems I don’t like, as well ones I do. The point is simply to express and let the reader find any value.

    I “resurrected” this Blog and now I don’t worry about perfection,blog hits or even my damn grammar errors.. With that attitude in mind, “Cafedog” is much more enjoyable and easier of me to post on.

    @Gentle love I encourage just to have fun on your “Yack” blogs, there very good, in my opinion. However its more important for you just to have fun with blogging, not worry about any judgments other than your own creative voice.

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