2 comments on “Mania poems: Hurricane to Rabid Cycle

  1. cool poems i want 2 be a great writer one day 2.

    Cdog replies
    Thanks for the compliment, I too wish to be a great writer one day.
    Stop by any time 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Cafedog's Canteen and commented:

    a hurricane brews within my head.
    thoughts, thrashing like waves against rock,
    are of the living and the dead.

    A thousand indecisions
    drowned quietly in the waves,
    just then a thunderbolt of urgency
    unexpectedly invades.

    S.O.S I am the admiral of
    this ghost ship that’s sinking…
    the water here is frigid
    and I don’t trust my thinking.

    A hurricane brews inside my head
    my Ghost Ship is tossed and tumbled
    I withdraw my rusted anchor
    from the lonely seabed

    I remember Elliot’s Wasteland
    so baron… so dry…
    I set my mast and sail away
    to where the sea meets the sky


    Dream awake for
    what dreams can be
    a blizzard of nothingness..
    flames of desire have arisen
    in me like the first
    sunrise in spring,
    easter is the season of rebirth

    Shades drawn… lights dimmed
    The Beast outside has been fed.
    Fade deep into the Armchair…

    Elegant burning within my head:
    The flame upon a vigil candle

    In a draft-less corridor.
    Feeling and daylight make
    Up a waxy fuel.

    Night evanesces into day.
    The hungry beast calls out,
    Like the divine to Lazarus…
    And feeds on Legion’s despair.

    ———- (CR/LF)

    Vague silhouettes flash by when I close my eyes
    Quick images in black & White…
    Thought race fast…
    Flowers burst with color…
    The world is alive…
    ——— (CR/LF )

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